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The latest in a series of band websites showcases the items most entertainers need to help them market their craft to audiences.  These websites are build in WordPress and allow bands to make edits, upload photography, add product to their ecommerce store and list upcoming events. Features of these websites include: Ecommerce Shop Print-on-demand merchandise.  The band can sell one-off …

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Rapfilms SEO Number 1 Worldwide.

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When we helped Rapfilms redesign its website more than twenty years ago, we focused on creating a site that was extremely fast to load, and easily found by search engines. In addition, we focused on organic search results. ‘Organic’ refers to natural search results in Google that don’t include paid advertising and are therefore long-lasting. Back then, Search Engine Optimization … website design Website

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The original website for required a major overhaul. Built in the early 1990’s, its look was dated, it didn’t effectively present  the services and products, and it didn’t do a good job of selling the brand. We redesigned this site basically from scratch to improve the online brand and make the site visible to search engines. A major portion …