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Lead Generation on Steroids – A business building strategy that works.

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How large businesses use Pay-Per-Click marketing funnels to create hundreds of on-demand leads per week

A steady supply of leads is the lifeblood of any business. If a business is struggling, it’s usually because they lack efficient, purpose driven sales process. In the article below, I’ll outline how we use lead generation techniques to deliver a solid stream of high-quality purchase-ready leads to sales teams.

The process of creating a high-performing sales funnel involves the combination of several factors. In order, these include:

  1. Selecting a specific market demographic to advertise to,
  2. Understanding the prospective customer’s pain points,
  3. Create great advertisements that trigger your customer,
  4. Target your demographic on advertising networks,
  5. Guide prospects through an information path. (landing pages, advertorials),
  6. Filter leads to segment the qualified prospects,
  7. Deliver qualified prospects to your company CRM in real time,
  8. Have ready sales people contact warm prospects the same day.

1. Selecting a specific market demographic to advertise to

Before we even start to discuss the specifics of a marketing funnel, it’s important to point out that the success of a marketing campaign must focus on solving a specific problem for a specific person. There is a well known concept in marketing: Marketing to everyone is marketing to no one. Defining a market niche is how you avoid this common error. If you know WHO you are marketing to, you will be better equipped to focus efforts to create ads that speak specifically to them.

Some of the questions you might ask yourself include:

  • Does your product sell to men, women, or both?
  • What age group are you selling to.
  • What are their hobbies & interests?
  • What are their politics?
  • Where do they live?

2. Understanding the prospective customer’s pain points

Once you understand who your customer is, you need to research the problem your product is solving. Is it saving your prospects time? Is it helping them financially? Does it help their health? Their well being? Does your product or service help an emotional need?

Understanding what your customer needs is paramount to creating an effective ad.

3. Create great advertisements that trigger your customer

Great creative ads can involve a combination of eye catching visuals, and well written ad copy. This could be in several different formats on the web. Text only ads, photography, graphics, and video can be used to create ads on the many different ad networks on the internet. These include Facebook, YouTube, Google Search, Google Display Network, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others. One of the most amazing capabilities of modern internet advertising is the ability to test ad creative. A professional campaign will use multiple ads to test out which ads are successful in reaching your audience and which are not. This is an iterative process that lasts for the life of the campaign.

4. Target your demographic on Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising networks

In addition to the iterative process of testing ad creative, testing your ads to different segments of your chosen demographic helps fine tune the effectiveness of your advertising campaign. Not every ad network is the same, so we test our ads on several different networks to compare lead quality and cost.

5. Guide prospects through an information path. (landing pages, advertorials)

This is the first step towards finding only the best quality leads. Prospects who click an ad are curious enough to click, but might not be informed enough to buy. Presenting an advertorial is one method to educate a prospect about your product or service. If the prospect is still interested after reading the information, then they are much more likely to by interested in purchasing your product or service.

6. Filter leads to segment the qualified prospects.

We are firm believers that a successful marketing funnel is about more than the number of leads it provides. Our lead-generation customers agree that quality leads are far more useful to their marketing efforts than quantity.

We often use quizzes and questionnaires to further determine if the prospect qualifies for the product. Some customers are interested, but do not qualify for various reasons. It saves sales teams time to filter out those customers who we know will not qualify for the product or service.

7.Deliver qualified prospects to your company CRM in real time

Time is the enemy of sales. This is why we focus on real-time delivery of leads to our customers CRM systems. As soon as a lead fills out the form in the lead generation funnel, we forward the name, email address, phone number and qualifying criteria directly to your CRM. This allows sales people to quickly contact leads when they are still a warm prospect.

8. Have ready sales people contact warm prospects the same day.

The final stage in a successful lead generation funnel involves a ready and talented sales team. The funnel has delivered quality, educated and qualified sales leads. At this point, a quick response from professional sales people can provide a success sales rate above 25%.

If you run a business that relies on a steady stream of new customer leads, contact us for a demonstration of our services. We’re happy to explain how a marketing funnel can help accelerate your sales process.