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FoodByDesign Website

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FoodByDesign is a company that serves the food marketing industry.  We helped Sue Spicer of Food by Design present her business on the web.  We helped her present her stunning portfolio of Food Photography and her food marketing consultancy to her growing clientele.  We optimized her site using search engine optimization techniques and put her on the top of the …

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Epicurious Kids

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Epicurious Kids was a new start-up company when the owners first approached Morpheus Studios. They had a logo and a great business plan. They wanted help with a website and were interested in taking registrations for their cooking classes via the web. We created a website, that allows Epicurious Kids to: present their company on the web, register students for their …

Vitamins First

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Vitamins First’s website is an interactive blog website with links to social media, an animated home page, searchable posts, event calendars, and search-engine-optimized pages. Morpheus Studios has been actively involved in helping Vitamins First establish its social media campaigns, organize its email marketing and manage a dynamic presence on the web. We’ve effectively raised awareness of Vitamins First’s vitamin and natural health food store in Calgary. …