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Morpheus Launches Entertainment Website for Bloom


Morpheus Launches Entertainment Website for Bloom

Bloom is a Calgary band. We helped Bloom get exposure by  creating a website that contains all the magic ingredients: photos, music, videos, bios and links to multiple social media sites. Youtube videos, updates on Twitter, music on Soundcloud, and lots of Facebook updates – the site we built interacts with and connects to them all.

The result:

Promoters who visit Bloom’s website can see for themselves the activity surrounding the band. Fans interact with the band through Facebook and Twitter, and those interactions are automatically visible on the band website.

  • How many “Likes” did the band get this week?
  • How many fans commented last week’s show?
  • When is Bloom’s next show?
  • Did the band comment on the previous show?

It’s all there, and the specific combination of all the solutions provided by Morpheus Studios allows the members of Bloom to respond to their fans after a good show, and to help build anticipation for the next show.