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Visual Representation of On-line Marketing

Had to share this.  It’s an amazing info-graphic showing the different components of on-line marketing. It shows eight different components of internet marketing and timelines for each. Internet marketing can be incredibly complex when you consider the intricacies of organic search engine optimization, lead generation, email marketing, social media marketing, pay-per-click, analytics and conversion optimization. There are Unbounce – The …

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website for bands and entertainers

Morpheus Launches Entertainment Website for Bloom

Morpheus Launches Entertainment Website for Bloom Bloom is a Calgary band. We helped Bloom get exposure by  creating a website that contains all the magic ingredients: photos, music, videos, bios and links to multiple social media sites. Youtube videos, updates on Twitter, music on Soundcloud, and lots of Facebook updates – the site we built interacts with and connects to them all. The …

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social media marketing

Why Use Social Media

In this video, the Internet Advertising Bureau UK is interviewing a marketing manager at Microsoft.  For those  marketing a company and asking the question “why use social media”, they discuss some of the real world benefits in this video and why companies are moving their marketing dollars to this channel. They discuss how a large percentage of people check their …

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what is blogging - diagram

What is Blogging?

Blogging is a internet marketing tool that has proven to be an extremely useful way to reach a target market. For many who are just starting to market online,  “what is blogging?” is still a relevant question. Blogging is a way to easily deliver current news, an online journal or other information to the world wide web.   The word …

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Changes in the online world in 2011

Want to know the size of the internet?  or how many users use Facebook compared to Twitter?  The following link contains answers to those questions and much more.   A very interesting read that shows internet use across the globe in 2011. http://royal.pingdom.com/2012/01/17/internet-2011-in-numbers/

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A Great list for someone looking to build a website.

There are so many different ways to create an online presence these days. Inc. Magazine recently published a quick guide containing a good list of do’s and dont’s. We think their list is a great guide to the new business owner who isn’t sure where to start. http://www.inc.com/ilya-pozin/build-a-killer-website-19-dos-and-donts.html?nav=pop

adminA Great list for someone looking to build a website.
new website design calgary canada 2011

How does a website help your business?

How does a website help your business? When considering any business improvement, it’s important to consider the benefits vs the costs.   More often than not, your website is your customer’s first contact with your company.    

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