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How does a website help your business?

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How does a website help your business?

When considering any business improvement, it’s important to consider the benefits vs the costs.   More often than not, your website is your customer’s first contact with your company.     Customers will often check your website before they contact you.    If they don’t already have your phone number, they’ll search Google first.

Google is such a powerful tool, that most people will search for services, locations, maps and news before they consult the yellow pages or other sources of information.   Even if a customer has heard about you through word of mouth, they’ll check you out online before contacting you.

Don’t get me wrong, this is not to say that first person contact and word of mouth have been replaced.   These are still the most powerful forms of marketing your company can have.   but with the proliferation of social media like Facebook, Twitter, and others, word about your business can be digitized with your brand spreading far and wide.

web 2.0

This is more than just a buzz word.    web 2.0 has been used to describe a host of new technologies and services that are focused on solving real business problems.  A smart website owner will use their site to channel sales and communicate with customers.

E-commerce, real time chat with customers, online information backups are just a few of the software as a service (SAAS) now available to business owners to help manage and protect information, interact with customers, and make sales.